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Waterstone Health Shop opened in September 2010.The owners of Waterstone Pharmacy and Heldervue Spar Pharmacy Pieter and Susan Carstens opened a Health Shop next to Heldervue Pharmacy on the 29th April 2009.

When the premises became too small for both the Pharmacy and the Health Shop and suitable premises became available at Waterstone Village the decision was made to move Heldervue Health Shop and Waterstone Health Shop was born.

The Manager Silna Thomas, who worked at Waterstone Pharmacy prior to the opening of Heldervue Health Shop and moved across when the Health Shop opened, transferred back to Waterstone Village for the opening of Waterstone Health Shop, has been with the Group since August of 2008.

The staff compliment has since increased to four. Stephen Strong, Louise Lund and the newest member of our team Matthew Crookes have extensive experience in the field.

We sell a large variety of herbal products, natural products and health foods.

The extensive range includes Gluten Free products, Super Foods, Natural Cleaning Products, Aloe Products, Tea’s, Probiotics as well as Natural Organic Cosmetic Products.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers and will even source products that we generally do not keep should someone need them.

We stock the majority of the known and popular brands.

If you are looking for a great health shop in the Helderberg area, visit us today.

Silna Thomas

Manageress of Waterstone Health Shop

Silna has over 15 years of experience in the Health Industry. When she moved from Cape Town in 2008 she started working for Pieter “Mossie” and Susan Carstens at Waterstone Pharmacy.

When they decided to open a Health Shop next to Heldervue Pharmacy Silna moved across and back into her preferred zone of Natural Health. When the opportunity arose to move the shop to Waterstone it was an easy decision to make.

Waterstone Health Shop opened in 2010 and Silna has been the Manager ever since.

Louise Lund

is the friendly consultant at The Waterstone Heath Shop. She studied hospitality and catering services knowing that she would offer excellent service to clients. Little did she know that her calling is to improve her product knowledge to advice customers on which health products to use. In her free time she mixes and blends different oils, butters and essential oils to make her own skincare products.

Stephen Strong

Having previously studied massage therapy and working part time in several health shops. Stephen developed a passion for helping clients realize their health potential.

Matthew Crookes

I went overseas to England for a few years, where I built a foundation for myself. Since then, the more I learn, the more clear the message becomes:  “You Are What You EAT…”

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