Nature Fresh Herbal Tooth Polish


For gently removing stains on teeth from food, coffee, etc. Contains Tea Tree Oil, Mint, Zinc, Silica, Baking Soda and vitamin C. Contains no bleach; only has gentle abrasives. Natural hygiene product suitable for sensitive teeth. Non toxic, FLUORIDE FREE and safe to swallow. pH neutral to encourage a healthy flow of saliva and help prevent dry mouth.

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It’s non-oily, non-staining, non-burning, non-stinking and non-stinging. Can be used on sensitive skin to gently massage the pain away. A unique formulation stimulates the flow of electrical current over the treated area and this enhances the effect of ultrasound or infrared therapy. Ten herbal actives for pain, stiffness, sore muscles, joints, tendons & bruises. A gentle soothing formula with a pleasant herbal fragrance