Sport Rx Protein Rx Recovery & Performance Shake Chocolate 800g


Sport RX’s Protein Rx is made to support and encourage your commitment to a fit and active lifestyle. It’s high in biological value protein that aid lean muscle growth or repair and it’s also infused with hydrolysed collagen peptides, which assist joint or connective tissue recovery. This gmo-free meal replacement shake powder is a unique blend of superfoods, branched-chain amino acids, l-glutamine, probiotics and essential vitamins to promote your well being. Grow stronger and maintain your daily peak performance with the vanilla-caramel flavoured Sport RX Protein Rx.

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With an improved formula, featuring a drip-free application and moisturising aloe vera, the new unisex Spray offers the most effective and long-lasting protection yet against body odour. Made from 100% natural ingredients and fragrance-free, the new and improved deodorant Spray is designed to sit on the surface of freshly-cleaned skin, inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria. No white marks.